Surveys and Data Analytics

Available Surveys

Work Design Survey

Assess employee perceptions of common psychosocial hazards, positive characteristics of work that promote flourishing, and steps taken by the employer to perceived to mitigate illness.

Number of questions: 86

Survey scales: 30

Flourish Survey

Assess the degree to which employees have developed pillars of good mental health (PERMA) and sleep. The Flourish Survey results are a leading indicator of mental health.

Number of questions: 36

Survey scales: 10

VIA Survey

Licensed by the VIA Institute, the VIA Character Strengths survey enables organisations and individuals to take a strengths based approach. Use this survey to identify the most frequently occurring strengths in a group.

Number of questions: 96

Survey scales: 24

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Survey Features

Validated Surveys

Surveys consist of rigorous survey scales developed and refined by university academics and psychologists.


Minimum of 8 survey respondents required before aggregate results can be viewed.

Instant Results

Aggregate results available on admin dashboard as soon as minimum survey responses received.

User Feedback

Instant feedback to employees on their own responses on survey completion.

Targeted Invitations

Use standard or custom filters to choose who you want to invite to complete surveys.

Empower Line Managers

Set permissions to allow line managers to conduct surveys in their own work group, review aggregate data, and develop action plans.


Administered over the cloud, kept secure using up to date cyber security methods.

Accessible on any Device

Make it easy for employees to respond to surveys across mobile, tablet and PC.

Admin Dashboard

Live data (as soon as minimum responses have been received)

Easily identify action areas to prevent harm, promote flourishing, and mitigate illness

Receive improvement tips for how to mitigate identified psychological risks

Compare results over time in order to monitor the effectiveness of controls

User Feedback

Users receive immediate feedback on survey completion

Flourish Survey results direct to recommended activites to improve wellbeing in targeted areas

Users can access historical survey results via their timeline

Content Engagement Metrics

Review metrics over different time periods

Track how health promotion activites translate to user engagement

Identify popular topics across the range to help refine wellbeing promotion offerings

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