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Workplace Mental Health Blog

Is Workplace Mental Health Broken? (Webinar)
Jason van Schie (psychologist and co-founder of People Diagnostix) covers in this one hour webinar: Upcoming WHS legislation changes and international standards that will put more responsibility on employers to address workplace mental [...]

Identifying the Gaps in Your Workplace Mental Health Strategy. Using the Workplace Mental Health Audit Tool
A common sentiment from organisational leaders is that there are already a number of initiatives in place to support the mental health and wellbeing of employees. Common initiatives include the provision of an Employee [...]

Obtaining leadership support for workplace psychological health and safety
Having leadership on board is essential in order to be allocated time and other necessary resources in order to create a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. Employees are also more likely to participate in [...]

What is Mental Health?
Mental health is a term used frequently, but have you ever sat down to consider what it means to you? Like physical health, mental health is a continuum. You might have an illness [...]

How to Create a Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplace
When considering how to create a psychologically healthy and safe work environment, it does require a high level of innovation or new thinking. One can simply look at how workplaces have been addressing physical [...]

Why is Psychological Health and Safety Important?
Before starting your journey to become a psychologically healthy and safe workplace, it is important to decide why psychological health, safety and wellbeing is important to your organisation. There are many reasons this could [...]

What is a Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplace?
To understand what a psychological healthy and safe workplace is, it may first warrant a definition of mental health. The World Health Organisation[1] (WHO) defines mental health as: “a state of wellbeing in which every individual realises [...]