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Identifying the Gaps in Your Workplace Health Strategy. Using the Workplace Mental Health Audit Tool

A common sentiment from organisational leaders is that there are already a number of initiatives in place to support the mental health and wellbeing of employees. Common initiatives include the provision of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), mental health first aid training, and occasional “lunch and learns” that may coincide with mental health promotion dates on the calendar. While all of these initiatives are worthwhile they need to be part of a strategic approach to psychological health and safety that covers not just the mitigation of illness but also harm prevention and promotion of wellbeing/flourishing (see for example the integrated model of workplace mental health[1]). People Diagnostix has created an easy to complete, first pass online workplace mental health audit tool to help employers identify key gaps in their strategy. It also highlights WHS compliance gaps (critical) and employer of choice considerations (desirable) separately. Where gaps are identified the tool will direct to information and practical resources to address these. It will also highlight where and how FlourishDx can assist.

The workplace mental health audit can be completed online within minutes by someone with a good understanding of current workplace mental health resources and supports. Once completed the results can be shared via a unique link with company leaders. To find out more and to complete the tool visit: www.mentalhealthaudit.com.