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Data informed decisions to protect employee mental health and promote wellbeing

“What is measured is treasured”

In workplaces we measure what is important so we can learn and improve. Start measuring contributors to employee wellbeing and care for those people who contribute to the success of your business.

Surveys for all occasions

FlourishDx contains surveys to inform a variety of proactive employee wellbeing initiatives. Whether it is risk assessment, strengths identification, mood tracking or a mental health promotion needs assessment – we have you covered.

Identifying hazards anywhere, any time

FlourishDx contains the ‘Work Design’ survey. Developed with a leading research institute, it can be deployed online and through the mobile app to gather employee perceptions of work design characteristics known to be linked to mental health outcomes.

Identifying and leveraging strengths

Character strengths are referred to as the ‘backbone of the science of positive psychology’. Users can access the VIA survey to identify their ‘signature strengths’ and learn strategies to leverage these at work and at home.

Mood tracking for individuals and work groups

Employees can make use of the wellbeing check in feature as frequently as they like to identify contributors to their wellbeing over time. Invite employees to complete the check in when you want a quick temperature check of how employees are doing.

Health promotion needs analysis

The Flourish survey is used to determine the development of the mental health pillars (PERMA). Individuals can use this feedback to find areas to improve. Use group level data to inform mental health promotion activities.

Maintaining confidentiality

Employee survey responses are only reported at a de-identified aggregate level once a minimum number of responses have been received in order to maintain anonymity.

Instant access to survey results

All FlourishDx survey results are available in real time to administrators and line managers (once the minimum response threshold has been achieved) through the dashboard. No more waiting to action employee feedback!

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Is the work design survey aligned to legislation and/or international standards?

FlourishDx is primarily aligned to ISO 45003: Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (due to be published in 2021). As such it is also well aligned to guidelines legislaton in regions including (but not limited to) the UK, Canada and Australia.

What version of the VIA character strengths survey is available on FlourishDx?

FlourishDx uses the VIA Institute’s most recent character strengths survey (96 item version). Flourishing at School uses the youth version of this survey.

Can our company have access to FlourishDx eLearning via a SCORM file?

No. FlourishDx contains many features above and beyond the eLearning content to facilitate positive employee mental health outcomes. Also providing a SCORM file means we lose control over our valuable intellectual property. Where companies want to use their own LMS to push and monitor eLearning we can achieve a better outcome through an API integration. Contact us to discuss your requirement.

Can my employer see my individual survey results?

Absolutely not. All data is only shared back to employers at a de-identified aggregate level once a minimum number of users have responded to a survey/check in.

Can I change my permissions so that my survey responses are not included when my employer reviews aggregate data?

You can turn off the permission setting to share your de-identified survey data with your employer. Please note this will mean you will be unable to respond to some surveys. This permission change cannot be applied to historical surveys when this permission setting was set to share.

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