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Identify and leverage employee strengths for improved engagement, productivity and wellbeing outcomes

Why strengths?

Strengths represent the best in us. When we use our strengths in suitably challenging activities we obtain a sense of mastery which leads to greater productivity and mental wellbeing.

Introducing the VIA Character Strengths survey

The VIA survey has been completed by more than 9 million people worldwide. It is one of the most recognised classifications of character strengths, and the survey is used under license within FlourishDx.

Identify top occurring strengths within groups

FlourishDx’s VIA survey dashboard allows for easy identification of top occurring strengths within a groups. Drill down using custom filters when doing strengths-based interventions within work teams.

Immediate feedback to users

Users receive immediate feedback on the order of their character strengths including signature strengths (top 5), middle strengths and less strengths.

Book a demo to learn more about using FlourishDx to identify and leverage character strengths

Accelerate your understanding and use of character strengths at work with resources from the VIA Institute.


I have previously completed the VIA survey on the VIA Institute’s website. Can I use my previous results?

No. Only surveys completed within the FlourishDx platform can be viewed from your FlourishDx account.

How many questions are there in the VIA survey?

FlourishDx uses the most recent version of the VIA survey that has 96 questions that spans 24 character strengths.

Can I access VIA development reports if I complete the VIA survey through FlourishDx?

No. You will need to do the survey through the VIA Institute’s website and pay if you want to access these reports.

How do I find out more about leveraging character strengths at work?

The VIA Institute’s website has many resources available to quickly bring you up to speed. This even includes personalised coaching. Find out more here.

Do you have a favourite book to help me use character strengths with work teams?

Yes! ‘Character Strengths Interventions: A Field Guide for Practitioners’ by Ryan Niemiec is a terrific resource and includes numerous workshop ideas to get the most out of VIA survey results. Find out more here.

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