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Understand and address risks to employee psychological health and safety

What are psychosocial hazards?

Psychosocial hazards (also sometimes referred to as workplace factors) are anything in the design or management of work that cause employees stress. Ongoing and/or traumatic stress is linked to increased incidence of stress related illnesses and insurance claims.

Applying risk management to employee mental health

FlourishDx helps employers identify and mitigate risks to mental health with a high degree of employee consultation in order to help prevent psychological injuries.

Identifying hazards anywhere, any time

FlourishDx contains the ‘Work Design’ survey. Developed with a leading research institute, it can be deployed online and through the mobile app to gather employee perceptions of work design characteristics known to be linked to mental health outcomes.

Assessing risk levels

The Work Design survey dashboard is easy to navigate and helps administrators to quickly identify key risks to employee mental health based on aggregate data.

Improvement suggestions at your finger tips

Suggestions on how to address common workplace psychosocial hazards are available to survey administrators and line managers directly from the survey results page.

Monitoring hazards and risk control effectiveness

The ‘compare surveys’ feature makes it easy to determine the successfulness over time of workplace mental health interventions.

Maintaining confidentiality

Employee survey responses are only reported at a de-identified aggregate level once a minimum number of responses have been received in order to maintain anonymity.

Instant access to survey results

All FlourishDx survey results are available in real time to administrators and line managers (once the minimum response threshold has been achieved) through the dashboard. No more waiting to action employee feedback!

Employers are facing increasing requirements to ensure a psychologically healthy and safe work environment. FlourishDx is designed to make meeting regulatory and best practice guidelines straight-forward and effective.

Jason van Schie

(Psychologist and co-founder)

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Are the risk management features of FlourishDx aligned to any standards/legislation?

FlourishDx is primarily aligned to ISO 45003: Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (due to be published in 2021).

Are employers legally obligated to perform risk management activities in relation to workplace stress?

This depends on where you are in the world. In many countries (e.g. Germany, Canada), this is included in employer WHS obligations. More countries are likely to take this stance over the coming years.

Is it possible to share risk management results with line managers for their team?

Yes. Line managers can be assigned permissions to review survey results that will only display results for their immediate team (at an aggregate level).

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