Enrol for free ISO 45003 Foundations online training to discover the new global standard for psychological health and safety

Keeping mental wellbeing promotion front of mind in a fun and friendly way

Receive coaching advice based on your needs and interests

Sick of generic wellness email campaigns? The coaching chats within FlourishDx are based on what you want to see. Want multiple focus areas? Not a problem.

Positive focus to benefit all employees

J’s chats are designed to teach knowledge and skills to optimise wellbeing and prevent illness (not deal with existing negative emotions or mental illness). The coaching content is therefore suitable for all users regardless of where they sit on the mental health continuum.

Choose your coach’s appearance

Users generally feel most comfortable chatting with a coach they can relate to. Choose a male or female coach from a range of ethnicities.

Receive coaching notifications where you want them

Users can choose to receive notifications of new coaching chats to their email, smartphone or both. They can also elect not to receive any notifications if they’d prefer.

Start a new chat whenever you want

Users can use the button at the bottom of the coach section to start a new chat on a variety of topics aligned to the PERMA model of wellbeing and sleep health.

Meet J the mental fitness coach on your free demo account


Does the coach chat bot use AI?

Text and tone recognition is still a problem for artificial intelligence to solve. For this reason we have gone with predefined response options only for the coaching chats in order to provide a more reliable experience than what AI technology can currently provide.

What if I don’t have a mental health problem?

First of all – that’s terrific! Second of all, the chats are primarily focused on keeping you well and optimising your mental wellbeing. So all people can benefit from engaging in the mental fitness chats.

I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still engage with J?

Yes. FlourishDx works across all devices. While you will get the best experience from the mobile app, you can also log into and use your FlourishDx account on any modern internet browser.

How do I bring up a new coaching chat?

Once you have completed the ‘onboarding’ chat you will be able to bring up a chat on any one of six topic areas from the green whistle icon on the bottom left of the coach chat screen.

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