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Track the collective wellbeing of your employees quickly and easily

Mood tracking enterprise style

While many ‘mental health apps’ offer mood tracking, FlourishDx’s wellbeing check-in makes taking a temperature check across a company, region or work group super quick and simple.

Quick as a flash

The wellbeing check-in can take as little as 10 seconds for users to complete with a simple user interface to make reflecting on their current state quick and easy.

Identify trends to inform future self-care behaviours

Users are shown how they have reported feeling over time and why they have felt certain ways. This allows opportunity for reflection on circumstances that lead to certain feelings and enables the individual then to sustain or modify behaviours for improved wellbeing outcomes.

Automatic triaging and crisis support signposting

Users who report any negative states are automatically suggested services to address this ranging from simple breath focus exercises, to connecting with the company provided wellbeing supports (e.g. Employee Assistance Programs).

Invite users to complete the wellbeing check-in at the click of a button

Administrators and line managers can prompt users to complete a check-in straight from the dashboard. Users are notified via email and/or smartphone notifications.

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Can my employer see my wellbeing check-ins or journal entries?

No. Never. This is between you and FlourishDx. Your employer will only ever be able to review wellbeing check-in information at a de-identified aggregate level once a minimum number of users have responded.

Is it mandatory for me to complete the check-in if requested to by my employer?

No. You always participate in wellbeing check-ins on a voluntary basis.

How frequently can I complete the wellbeing check-in?

You can complete the check-in as frequently as you like. However, only the last check-in of the day will be recorded for tracking purposes.

Can I set a reminder to complete the check-in?

This is a feature that you can expect to be introduced in 2021.

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