Enrol for free ISO 45003 Foundations online training to discover the new global standard for psychological health and safety

Essential training for employees and line managers

Best-in-class education for employees and line managers

Developed with industry for industry, FlourishDx contains several high quality eLearning courses to inform risk management practices and improve wellbeing

All-Employee eLearning

Mental Health Awareness


Sleep Health


Fatigue Risk Management


Line Manager eLearning

Psychological Health and Safety


Leader Fatigue Risk Management


eLearning just got interesting

FlourishDx’s learning content features high quality animated video in bite sized chunks to in order to capture and maintain learner attention. Multiple choice questions at the end of each video provide a chance to reinforce key learning messages.

Built in LMS

FlourishDx features a built in LMS that can assign training and monitor progress. Users can receive training notifications and reminders via email or through the mobile app.

For those that prefer offline training

Each of the 30+ all-employee training modules come with an accompanying leader discussion guide for easy to administer face-to-face staff development or refresher training.

Instant access for employees

Employees can access any of the FlourishDx eLearning content at any time, across devices and work towards course completion and training certificates at their own pace (without needing for their employer to push the training to them).

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How does the mental health eLearning in FlourishDx differ from Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training?

MHFA is intensive training for a select group of individuals within a workplace to help them know how to respond to a mental health crisis. The mental health awareness course is designed to be administered to all employees and gives them a broad understanding of common mental illnesses, how to manage stress and stay well, how to optimise mental wellbeing, and when and how to seek assistance if required.

We have our own LMS that we would prefer to push and monitor the FlourishDx eLearning through. Is this possible?

FlourishDx eLearning can be connected to certain LMS’s via API. This may incur additional costs depending on time and complexity of the integration. Contact us to discuss your requirement.

Can our company have access to FlourishDx eLearning via a SCORM file?

No. FlourishDx contains many features above and beyond the eLearning content to facilitate positive employee mental health outcomes. Also providing a SCORM file means we lose control over our valuable intellectual property. Where companies want to use their own LMS to push and monitor eLearning we can achieve a better outcome through an API integration. Contact us to discuss your requirement.

Do you have additional languages available for eLearning other than English?

Additional languages (starting with French and Spanish) are in planning and should be available in early 2021.

Are there additional costs for eLearning access through FlourishDx?

Happily – no! All eLearning courses are included in the standard license cost per user.

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