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Turn off the stress response with science-backed strategies

A library of guided meditations

Whether it is mindfulness meditation, a body scan, or progressive muscle relaxation, FlourishDx has a growing library of audio guided exercises to help employees turn off the stress response and engage the relaxation response.

You choose the instructor

All audio guided exercises come with a choice of male of female instructor to help employees find the stress management partner that works for them.

Coming soon!

Keep a look out for new guided activities for stress reduction being added to Flourishdx over time.

Benefits of Mindfulness Practise

Reduces Stress

Researchers have found mindfulness meditation can reduce stress-hormone and inflammatory responses in response to stressful situations.

Boosts Working Memory

Studies have demonstrated improvements in working memory capacity for participants after mindfulness training.

Increases Focus

Mindfulness practise has been demonstrated to improve focused attention and suppression of distractions.

Improved mood

Many researchers have found following mindfulness training that participants reported experiencing more positive affect and less negative affect.

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Does the FlourishDx guided meditations offer a choice of voice over?

Yes! Users can choose between two instructors – one male, one female.

Do you offer the guided meditations in languages other than English?

New languages are anticipated to be available in 2021.

Do I need to be online in order to access the guided meditations?

Yes. Internet access is required in order to stream the audio content from the web or mobile app.

Will you ever include other stress management resources including yoga or pilates.

Yes. Evidence back activities for stress reduction (including yoga) is definitely on our road map. We anticipate these types of activities will be available in 2021.

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