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Understand employee wellbeing and contributing factors

“There is no health without mental health; mental health is too important to be left to the professionals alone, and mental health is everyone’s business.”

Vikram Patel


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Why measure employee wellbeing?

Understand current state

Use trends to aid preparedness

Tailor health benefits

Improve work design

Focus efforts on teams with greatest need

The Challenges

Rapid and near constant change in workplaces is placing unprecedented pressure on employee’s coping resources.

Want to understand and improve employee wellbeing?

Rapid and near constant change in workplaces is placing unprecedented pressure on employee’s coping resources.

The pandemic has greatly affected employee wellbeing

Many countries were recording record levels of work-related stress, depression and anxiety pre-pandemic. The impact of COVID-19 on mental health is well documented, with health and economic concerns adding another burden on already stressed employees who have restricted access to normal supports.

Difficult to determine root cause

Workplace mental health is largely focused on illness symptoms and reactive support in the form of peer support or counselling services. This approach does not prevent workers becoming ill in the first place, or help determine the health risks imposed on employees due to work design issues.

No time to evaluate

With the needs of operations taking priority over health, safety and wellbeing efforts, people and safety professionals are often not given access to employee time to understand the current state and how this can be improved.

With unprecedented pressure on employee coping resources, how will you monitor and respond to protect the mental health your most valuable asset?

Want to understand and improve employee wellbeing?

The Solution

FlourishDx has quick and easy to use tools to understand employee wellbeing trends and respond to individual and work-related issues at a group level.

Measure employee wellbeing quickly!

Just 30 seconds is all it takes to complete a FlourishDx wellbeing check in. Send out request notifications at the touch of a button.

Better than pulse surveys!

Forget pulse surveys. The FlourishDx wellbeing check in is quicker and provides instant access to rich data related to wellbeing and contributing factors.

Assist in psychosocial hazard identification

Unlike other ‘mood check ins’ common in wellbeing apps, FlourishDx also captures information about workplace contributing factors. This makes for the quickest way to identify psychosocial hazards in market.

Develop targeted health promotion campaigns

Provide HR and wellbeing teams with information about the main lifestyle issues contributing to good and poor employee wellbeing in order to target group wellbeing initiatives.

Target interventions to where most needed

Use custom filters to understand what can be done at an organisation or team level to improve wellbeing. Live data analytics make finding pain points quick and easy.

Empower line managers to respond quickly

Use line manager permissions to provide team data to leaders. Group data can be collected and reported within minutes. Talk about agile psychosocial hazard management!

Watch a detailed demonstration

Learn how FlourishDx can help you create a mentally healthy workplace.

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