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Using the pillars of good mental health to promote employee wellbeing

What are mental health pillars?

Similar to the pillars of good physical health, mental health pillars help prevent mental illness, build resilience, and promote optimal wellbeing (flourishing).

An international model of wellbeing

FlourishDx’s health promotion features are underpinned by the PERMA model of wellbeing (Seligman, 2011). Used internationally, PERMA is an acronym of the five pillars of good mental health (positive emotions, engagement/flow, positive relationships, meaning/purpose, and accomplishment).

A library of evidence-based wellbeing tools

User can access information and strategies to build wellbeing directly from their home screen. The evidence for why and how these strategies work are there for those who have interest.

Mental wellbeing coaching

Users can choose to receive tailored coaching advice from FlourishDx’s mental fitness chat bot ‘J’. Chats are based on user needs and interests.

Hours of video content

Users can build their understanding of the pillars of good mental health through bite-sized video content developed by leading psychologists.

Building character

Character strengths are referred to as the ‘backbone of the science of positive psychology’. Users can access the VIA survey to identify their ‘signature strengths’ and learn strategies to leverage these at work and at home.

Measuring wellbeing

Users can take the ‘Flourish survey’ to discover how they are going on the development of the five mental health pillars and sleep and be directed to practical activities to improve in desired areas.

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How often can users take surveys?

Users can take the Flourish Survey as often as they like. The VIA survey can be completed once every 12 months (as results do not change much on survey this over time).

Will you ever offer more resources on exercise and nutrition?

There are many apps that have nutrition and exercise as their primary focus and do a terrific job on this. The FlourishDx focus is mental health and sleep health and will continue to be so in order to provide the best solution possible for this important health area.

Do users need to be online in order to access content?

Yes. All content is streamed from the web in order to minimise storage requirements on user devices.

Has the Flourish survey been validated in university research?

Yes. Several university-led studies have been conducted to develop and refine the Flourish survey in both adult and student populations.

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