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FlourishDx is the only workplace mental health software platform with an integrated approach to employee mental health.

The three focuses of an integrated approach are to:


Prevent harm: FlourishDx contains several features to enhance a risk management approach to psychological health and safety including hazard identification, risk control and ongoing monitoring.


Promote wellbeing: FlourishDx has many features to optimise employee mental health including engaging education material, mental fitness coaching, VIA character strengths integration and wellbeing check-in surveys all available online or through the mobile app.


Mitigate illness: FlourishDx provides clear sign posting to crisis support and employee assistance programs customisable to their workplace/region.

Data Analytics

Facilitate surveys to collect leading mental health data, observe trends, and track changes over time.

Risk Management

Comply with WHS obligations by assessing and mitigating common psychological risks in the workplace.

Positive Psychology

Equip individuals with evidence based knowledge and skills to increase resilience and optimise wellbeing.


Deliver and track progress of psychoeducation on topics including mental health, sleep health, and fatigue risk management.


Provide employee access to guided audio meditations to help employees reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase wellbeing.


Keep employees on track and motivated to perform mental health promoting behaviours with an integrated coach bot.

Actionable insights with Big Data

Manager dashboard allows for review of de-identified- aggregate employee data

Drill down into custom tags such as department (e.g. finance, production), employment type and location.

Review data from eLearning, work design survey and flourish survey

Line manager admin accounts to review team specific data


Increase Employee Awareness and Knowledge for Self-Care

Three included eLearning courses (mental health awareness, sleep health, fatigue risk management)

Each of the 30+ modules feature high quality animated video content

Can be delivered with a blended learning approach

Can be tracked for compliance and auditing

Accessible on any device

Preventative Mental Health with a Scientific Approach

Capture leading information on employee mental health with the Flourish Survey

Utilise the best known model of wellbeing - PERMA

Proven to effective in reducing risk of mental illness AND improve wellbeing

Incorporates sleep health

Mental Health WHS compliance made easy

Assess common workplace psychological hazards

Drill-down into de-identified aggregate employee survey responses

Easily consult workers at scale across web, tablet and mobile

Receive suggestions to control common psychological hazards

Improve Employee Resilience and Recovery

Mindfulness is a proven method to turn off the stress response and start recovery

A growing library of guided meditations with a choice of male or female instructors

Meditations designed to reduce stress and promote sleep

Get started with meditations less than 5 minutes

Introducing "J" - the mental fitness coach

A coach bot that tailors information based on user interests

Keep positive wellbeing behaviours front of mind in a fun and friendly way

Notifications can be set to phone, email, or both

Receive suggestions based on your top character strengths

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Why mental health at school?

Researchers have found that almost half of all people are likely to develop a mental illness in their lifetime. However 75% of these people will have their first experience with a mental health problem before the age of 25.

Unfortunately, still only 18-34% of adolescents will seek help for mental health issues, even if they are experiencing high levels of psychological distress.

The consequences of mental illness on the community is profound. The World Health Organisation estimates that unipolar depression will be the leading cause of the global disease burden by 2030.

The consequences of mental illness in a school context include: lower attendance, reduced academic performance, impaired psychosocial development, reduced likelihood for tertiary study, and difficulty entering the workforce.

Given the amount of time each day both students and staff spend at school, it is a logical place to assist individuals develop behaviours that will support good mental health at school, in the broader community, and beyond.