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Psychological health and safety
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The trusted source of psychological health and safety education, consulting and technology for 3,000+ businesses

How we make psychological health and safety simple

We combine technology, consulting and education to reduce barriers to best practice

Psychological Health and Safety Technology

Our world-leading technology is trusted by leading banks, miners, insurers, hospitals, tertiary institutions, healthcare providers and more.

Our enterprise software platform is our enabler, allowing our clients to understand and address psychosocial hazards at scale while greatly reducing operational impact.

Psychosocial Risk Assessment
Psychosocial Risk Assessment

Quickly and accurately identify psychosocial hazards and assess risks with fit-for-purpose tools designed and validated by FlourishDx experts.

Action Planning
Action Planning

Develop and monitor controls for psychosocial risks from team to organisational level. Customise steps and suggested actions to map and export to other risk management systems.

Psychosocial Risk Management
Psychosocial Risk Management

Step by step guidance for adopting a psychological health and safety management system aligned to international best practice.

Mental Health Education Self Care
Mental Health Education & Self-Care

Hours of content available to all users to help understand ill-health and where to seek help, prevent harm and promote flourishing. Push content via built in LMS or user self-service options.

Psychological Health and Safety Consulting

Our all-star team of subject matter experts regularly provide consulting services to enterprises across the globe.

All of our consulting team are tertiary qualified and have significant experience in supporting clients to create work that is psychologically healthy and safe. Get the most out of the FlourishDx technology with all the support you need.

Gap Analysis
Gap Analysis

Assessment of gaps and opportunities can be conducted against WHS and IR legislation and local or international best practice.

Strategy Development
Strategy Development

Develop frameworks and methodology to embed psychological health and safety within your organisation. We also support communication and stakeholder engagement.

Custom Data Analytics Reporting
Custom Data Analytics & Reporting

Assessment results from FlourishDx tools can be sliced, diced and reported in custom ways depending on client needs whilst retaining respondent anonymity.

Qualitative Exploration
Qualitative Exploration

Complete your gap analysis, risk assessment, action planning, or control review with supporting information from frontline workers via interviews and focus groups.

Education for Psychological Health and Safety

FlourishDx is known globally for providing the most accurate and up to date live and on-demand education on the topic of psychological health and safety.

We make out clients the experts. We do this with free and paid versions of eLearning, podcasts, webinars, custom training development and in-person training delivery and events.

FlourishDx Academy
FlourishDx Academy

Free and on demand eLearning. Discover the ISO 45003 standard, and learn how to conduct a psychosocial risk assessment and build the business case for PH&S.

Psychological Health and Safety Podcasts

Hundreds of hours of content from FlourishDx and their extensive global network of subject matter experts. New episodes weekly.


Join FlourishDx experts on regular live webinars to learn more and learn to apply psychological health and safety within your organisation.

Custom Training Development
Custom Training Development

Our subject matter experts develop and deliver custom psychological health and safety training. In person, train-the-trainer, eLearning or blended.

Creating the world’s largest community for psychological health and safety

Learning and sharing from best practice 

Community Practice
Community of Practice
Exclusive to FlourishDx subscription holders. Meet with and learn from cross-industry peers on a similar journey towards creating psychologically healthy and safe work.
Workplace Mental Health
Workplace Mental Health Maturity Assessment
Assess your workplace mental health strategy against international best practice, compare results against peer benchmarks and receive improvement suggestions.
Psychological Health Safety Professional Certificate
Psychological Health and Safety Professional Certificate

Rapidly increase your ability to impact psychological health and safety with this four module micro-credential from the leading brand in psychological health and safety.

Safety Exchange
Safety Exchange
Find select FlourishDx podcasts, webinars and eLearning content on the leading community and professional development platform for safety professionals.

Sustainable Development Goals

FlourishDx helps companies work towards the following SDGs.
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.
08 - Decent Work And Economic Growth
03 - Good Health And Well-Being
Sustainable Development Goals

FlourishDx on Microsoft Teams

Reduce friction and increase security with the MS Teams app for FlourishDx. Completing surveys, eLearning and accessing wellbeing tools has never been easier at work.
Microsoft Teams

The FlourishDx psychological health, safety and wellbeing mobile app

In addition to leading tools for worker consultation on psychosocial hazards, the FlourishDx mobile app also contains on-demand education, mood tracking and positive psychology strategies to connect workers to existing workplace mental health supports (such as your EAP or peer mental health supporters) and promote flourishing. It is a truly integrated approach to mental health at work.
FlourishDx Mobile App


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We offer a choice of data hosting region backed by Microsoft Azure to keep your data where you want it.

Calculate the cost of work-related mental ill-health in your organisation

How large is your workforce?

The cost of work-related mental ill-health in your organisation

Days likely to be lost to work related, stress depression and anxiety
Productive days likely to be lost due to presenteeism related to poor mental health
Number of workers likely to leave your organisation in the next year due to stress
Total cost of poor mental health

*Figures are from reputable industry and peer reviewed research and based on Australian averages

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Frequently Asked Questions

Employee mental health software differs in terms of focus and utility. FlourishDx uniquely incorporates tools for consulting with employees at scale to determine how their experience of work is related to positive or negative outcomes (e.g. burnout, job satisfaction, turnover intention etc.), then systematically identify work design actions to improve and monitor the work environment for psychosocial hazards and risks. As an employee mental health software platform, it offers significant utility for administrators, line managers and frontline workers.

ISO 45003 is the internationally agreed standard for psychological health and safety at work. It details how companies can take a best practice approach to workplace mental health through the lens of risk management and continuous improvement (essentially it is an ISO mental health standard). The full name of the standard is ISO 45003:2021 Occupational health and safety management — Psychological health and safety at work — Guidelines for managing psychosocial risks. You can access free training on the standard here: www.45003.org.

While there is no such thing as the ISO psychology standard (or an ISO mental health standard for that matter), there is a specific standard for psychological health and safety at work called ISO 45003. It is a child standard of ISO 45001 and details how an organisation can take a risk management approach to prevent mental health harm to workers and create the conditions for mental wellbeing through consultation, management commitment, and cycles of continuous improvement.
There is no such thing as risk assessment psychology’ per se. However, risk assessment is commonly applied by psychologists to determine the potential for harm at individual or group level. ISO 45003 details a management system approach for practicing psychosocial risk management. That is, consulting with workers to determine their experience of work (psychosocial factors) and identifying the likelihood and consequence of harm due to the severity, frequency and duration of exposure to psychosocial hazards (and their interactions).

FlourishDx offers technology, consulting and education services. While some clients opt for just one of these services, commonly several are included to help them achieve their desired goal of psychological injury prevention and employee mental wellbeing optimisation. Check out the pricing page for details on the different service options and associated pricing.

Psychological health and safety made simple
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