Enrol for free ISO 45003 Foundations online training to discover the new global standard for psychological health and safety

Build a psychologically healthy and safe workplace and promote employee wellbeing

Learn how FlourishDx can help you create a mentally healthy workplace

FlourishDx is the leading workplace digital tool to assist OHS and HR professionals work together to address psychological risks and promote positive mental health

FlourishDx uniquely provides mental illness prevention and wellbeing optimisation from the perspective of the organistion (workplace, university or school) and the individual. Building resilience is only part of the equation.

Jason van Schie

(Psychologist and co-founder)

Understand and manage psychological risks

Fulfil duty of care responsibilities to understand hazards to employee mental health through FlourishDx’s ‘Work Design’ survey and receive improvement suggestions to mitigate risks.

Adopt international best practice

FlourishDx has a growing list of features to help with the adoption of and providing assurance against ISO 45003 Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (due in 2021).

Promote employee mental wellbeing and resilience

Leverage the science of positive psychology and the pillars of good mental health to keep your people well and bounce back from setbacks.

Improve mental health awareness and reduce stigma

Build employee literacy and understanding of the mental health continuum and reduce stigma with high end training resources that can be delivered purely online, or with a blended learning approach

Increase line manager understanding and competence

Provide line managers with training on their role in relation to psychological health and safety and grant access to aggregate team data to inform continuous improvement initiatives

Make wellbeing accessible with the mobile app

Provide your employees with wellbeing on the go with features including hours of video content, guided meditations, wellbeing surveys and mood tracking, and ‘J’ the mental fitness chat bot.

Not sure how FlourishDx can help your organisation? Take the Workplace Mental Health Audit for your free gap analysis and for direction to free and affordable resources.

Keep up to date on the latest in the world of psychological health and safety with the only podcast dedicated to the topic. Featuring a guest each episode from the fields of health and safety, psychology and academia who are leading the way in their corner of the globe.

See how FlourishDx can help you create a mentally healthy workplace

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