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Good work is good for people

We combine consulting, education and technology to help organisations create psychologically healthy and safe work that prevents harm and optimises employee wellbeing.

Fundamental in our approach is prevention is better than cure. So we combine psychosocial risk management and positive psychology to keep employees mentally healthy and businesses humming.

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Ahead of our time

While many are just cottoning on now, we have been advocating for improving work design as the primary pillar for improving the mental health of worker populations through a risk-based lens.

We produced the first eLearning content on the ISO 45003 standard for psychological health and safety on the day the standard was published in June 2021. This course and many others are still available (and free!) through the FlourishDx Academy.

The Psych Health and Safety podcast was the first podcast on the topic and we have been releasing new episodes weekly since February 2021. We also produce the Canadian and USA version of the podcast.

We were the first to develop an ‘exposure assessment’ to psychosocial hazards, pre-empting local WHS regulations requiring Australian businesses to consider the severity, frequency, and duration of hazard exposure before implementing controls.

We continue to develop firsts as the most innovative company in the world on psychological health and safety.

The trusted source of psychological health and safety education, consulting and technology for 3,000+ businesses

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