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Take a strengths-based approach

“You go into flow when your highest strengths are deployed to meet the highest challenges that come your way.”

Psychosocial Risk Assessment

Why strengths at work?

The Challenges

In competitive markets, companies must leverage the strengths of employees to deliver exceptional results.
Psychosocial Risk Assessment
Want to increase strength knowledge and use?

The majority of employees are disengaged at work

Research consistently demonstrates that the majority of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged. Disengagement is related to higher absenteeism rates, lower productivity, and increased likelihood of safety incidents.

The war for talent

In the ‘great resignation’, employees are more likely than ever to leave companies where they do not feel they are being able to work to their strengths, have values that align to that of their employer, or feel that their contribution is valued.

Easier to focus on deficiencies than strengths

The default approach to performance management is to identify weaknesses, or ‘opportunities for development’. Managers and people professionals typically lack appropriate language to describe strengths or help employees make the most of their strengths.

With employee engagement and retention critical for business success, how do you help employees and managers understand and leverage strengths?

The Solution

FlourishDx has a growing range of features to help understand and leverage employee strengths.

Build strengths literacy

FlourishDx includes the VIA character strengths survey. Used by more than 15 million people worldwide, it is one of the most well known classifications of strengths.

Empower line managers

Line managers can be provided permissions to view the aggregate strengths results of their team. This is useful to workshop and understand commonalities and differences within the team’s signature strengths.

Help employees learn their own strengths

Users can complete the VIA survey at their own pace. Results are available immediately and ‘signature strengths’ (top five strengths) remain on the home screen as a handy reference.

Strengths spotting

Coming soon!

Discover the strengths of a team

Admins can push the VIA survey to users from their dashboard. Group results are immediately available in deidentified format once a minimum of eight people have responded.

Signature strengths coaching

Coming soon!

Psychological health and safety made simple
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