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Improve worker self-care

“Good mental health is absolutely fundamental to overall health and well-being.”

Psychosocial Risk Assessment

Why provide a mental wellbeing app as an employee benefit?

The Challenges

The business case for mental health at work is compelling, but it’s not always easy to implement.
Psychosocial Risk Assessment
Want to promote self-care and early help-seeking?

Global issue

Even before the pandemic, many countries were recording record instances of work-related stress, anxiety and depression, with the WHO estimating this to have a $1 Trillion (USD) impact on productivity.

The impact of the pandemic

The pandemic has added additional stressors to workers in the form of health and economic uncertainty, while also increasing isolation and restriction of activities known to promote wellbeing (e.g. time with friends, access to exercise facilities).

Inadequate internal expertise and resourcing

Many organisations lack internal wellbeing experts. This is particularly true in relation to mental health. Often people in functions such as human resources are asked to incorporate wellbeing into their role, when they do not have time to give this appropriate attention.

Lack of early help seeking

Even when companies do offer mental health support to employees (e.g. through an employee assistance program), these services generally offer reactive support (not preventing an issue from arising) and most often experience poor utilisation rates (< 1 in 20 employees typically access this type of service).

As work related stress increases, what support are you providing to employees to manage this effectively and seek support when required?

The Solution

FlourishDx offers a completely self-service wellbeing app that is accessible on PC, tablet and via the smart phone app.

Best-in-class self-care training

Featuring hours of content in bite-sized high quality animated video. Written by psychologists for broad appeal across industries and occupations.

Track mood and wellbeing

Users can track their mood and wellbeing in order to understand what they need to do to manage their mental health proactively.

Guided mindfulness activities

A large and growing library of guided mindfulness activities for stress reduction, focus and sleep with a choice of instructor.

Encourage early help-seeking

Signposting to support can be tailored to company provided services (such as EAP) and local emergency numbers.

Mental fitness chatbot

‘J’ teaches users skills on mental illness prevention and wellbeing promotion, aligned to the PERMA model of wellbeing (from the field of positive psychology).

Multiple registration methods

Easily give employees access to FlourishDx’s wellbeing tools at scale. Choose from CSV upload, company-branded self-registration page, or Single Sign-On.

Psychological health and safety made simple
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