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Increase Mental Health Awareness

“Mental health literacy is more than just knowing signs and symptoms of illness. It’s also about knowing how to stay well and how to optimise wellbeing – to flourish.”

Psychosocial Risk Assessment

Why provide mental health awareness training?

The Challenges

Training is typically costly and time consuming to implement and benefits are short lived.
Psychosocial Risk Assessment
Want to increase employee mental health awareness?

Difficulty engaging learners

With the amount of high quality, on-demand content readily available to workers (e.g. Netflix and YouTube), they can often be left wanting when it comes to corporate training content. This reduces engagement, thereby also reducing attainment of desired knowledge and skills.

Fitting in with operations

Operations are typically reluctant to release workers for training. This is particularly true when the training is not aligned to functional goals such as generating revenue for the business. Time is money.

Retention of knowledge

Everyone knows the sugar high learners receive following a well thought out and executed training program. However, key learnings are often lost soon after they exit the classroom and re enter the workplace.

With mental health awareness a key priority for businesses wanting to maximise employee wellbeing and reduce illness absence, how do you build knowledge and skills that last?

The Solution

FlourishDx has class-leading education material that is short, engaging, customisable and able to delivered via eLearning (with the built-in LMS) or via a blended approach.

Best-in-class mental health training

Featuring hours of content on mental health and sleep health topics in bite-sized high quality animated video. The most engaging content on the subject matter available.

Self-paced or business-paced

Users can access content on demand through the FlourishDx app. Courses or specific modules can also be pushed by the business and tracked (for compliance) through the built in LMS.

Time efficient

FlourishDx contains both long and short courses to suit the time poor through to the avid learner. All modules can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Written by health professionals

All content is written by psychologists who are adept at translating research into practice.

Blended learning

Most of the 40+ training modules included in FlourishDx come equipped with a leader discussion guide to turn every video into a conversation to aid knowledge transfer and refresher training.

The right amount of questions

Each training module has just one question following the video content. The aim is to reinforce key learnings (as opposed to test for competence).

Psychological health and safety made simple
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