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VIA Character Strengths Survey

Identify and leverage employee strengths using a VIA Character Strengths Survey

Uncover the power of character strengths with the VIA character strength survey on FlourishDx. Character strengths are the core qualities that define who we are and drive our actions and behaviours. These strengths, such as creativity, leadership, and teamwork, form the foundation of our positive traits and support both personal and professional development.
VIA Character Strengths Survey

VIA Character Strengths Features on FlourishDx

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Why Strengths
Strengths represent the best in us. When we use our strengths in suitably challenging activities we obtain a sense of mastery which leads to greater productivity and mental wellbeing.
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Introducing the VIA Character Strengths Survey
The VIA character strengths survey has been completed by more than 15 million people worldwide. It is one of the most recognised classifications of character strengths. And yes! The VIA character strengths survey is available within FlourishDx!
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Identify Top Occurring Strengths Within Groups
FlourishDx’s VIA character strengths survey dashboard allows for easy identification of top occurring strengths within a groups. Drill down using custom filters when doing strengths-based interventions within work teams.
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Immediate Feedback To Users
Users receive immediate feedback on the order of their VIA character strengths including signature strengths (top 5) middle strengths and less strengths.
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Strength Use Ideas
Top VIA character strengths for users are kept front and centre on their home screen to enable easy recall. Tips for using VIA character strengths in new and different ways are just a click away for immediate inspiration on strength use.
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Strengths Spotting
User can spot strengths from the VIA character strength classification in others with FlourishDx’s unique strength spotting feature. Choose from any one of the 24 VIA character strengths, elaborate on how you saw the strength in action and expect a strengths spot back!
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Benefits of using the VIA Character Strengths Survey at Work

By taking the VIA Character Strength Survey, users gain valuable insights into their unique strengths profile. Understanding and embracing strengths not only enhances people’s personal life but also offers significant benefits in the workplace. Numerous studies have shown that employees who regularly use their strengths experience higher levels of job satisfaction, engagement, and performance. Leveraging strengths in the workplace fosters a sense of fulfillment and meaning, leading to increased motivation and productivity.

Moreover, when organizations focus on strengths, employees feel more valued and supported, resulting in improved retention rates and a positive work culture. Emphasizing character strengths in employee development and engagement initiatives (by using strengths spotting for example) leads to enhanced collaboration, creativity, and resilience, ultimately contributing to the overall success and well-being of individuals and the organization as a whole. Take the VIA character strength survey on FlourishDx today and unlock the potential for a thriving and fulfilling work experience!

Development of the VIA Character Strength Survey

The VIA classification of character strengths was developed through rigorous research by leading psychologists Dr. Martin Seligman and Dr. Christopher Peterson. This classification identifies 24 universal strengths that are valued across cultures and play a crucial role in promoting personal and professional well-being.

Common Questions About VIA Character Strengths Survey

No. Only VIA character strength surveys completed within the FlourishDx platform can be viewed from your FlourishDx account.
FlourishDx uses the most recent version of the VIA character strength survey that has 96 questions that spans 24 character strengths.
FlourishDx currently supports English, French and Spanish versions of the VIA Character Strength survey.
No. You will need to do the survey through the VIA Institute’s website and pay if you want to access these reports.

The VIA Institute’s website has many resources available to quickly bring you up to speed. This even includes personalised coaching. Find out more here.

Yes! ‘Character Strengths Interventions: A Field Guide for Practitioners’ by Ryan Niemiec is a terrific resource and includes numerous workshop ideas to get the most out of VIA character strength survey results. Find out more here.

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